24 Iterators library [iterators]

24.5 Iterator adaptors [predef.iterators]

24.5.1 Reverse iterators [reverse.iterators] reverse_iterator requirements [reverse.iter.requirements]

The template parameter Iterator shall meet all the requirements of a Bidirectional Iterator ([bidirectional.iterators]).

Additionally, Iterator shall meet the requirements of a Random Access Iterator ([random.access.iterators]) if any of the members operator+ ([reverse.iter.op+]), operator- ([reverse.iter.op-]), operator+= ([reverse.iter.op+=]), operator-= ([reverse.iter.op-=]), operator [] ([reverse.iter.opindex]), or the global operators operator< ([reverse.iter.op<]), operator> ([reverse.iter.op>]),
operator <= ([reverse.iter.op<=]), operator>= ([reverse.iter.op>=]), operator- ([reverse.iter.opdiff]) or operator+ ([reverse.iter.opsum]) are referenced in a way that requires instantiation ([temp.inst]).