1 General [intro]

1.11 Acknowledgments [intro.ack]

The C++ programming language as described in this International Standard is based on the language as described in Chapter R (Reference Manual) of Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (second edition, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, ISBN 0-201-53992-6, copyright © 1991 AT&T). That, in turn, is based on the C programming language as described in Appendix A of Kernighan and Ritchie: The C Programming Language (Prentice-Hall, 1978, ISBN 0-13-110163-3, copyright © 1978 AT&T).

Portions of the library Clauses of this International Standard are based on work by P.J. Plauger, which was published as The Draft Standard C++ Library (Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-117003-1, copyright © 1995 P.J. Plauger).

POSIX® is a registered trademark of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.

All rights in these originals are reserved.