Annex D (normative) Compatibility features [depr]

D.7 char* streams [depr.str.strstreams]

D.7.1 Class strstreambuf [depr.strstreambuf]

D.7.1.2 Member functions [depr.strstreambuf.members]

void freeze(bool freezefl = true);

Effects: If strmode & dynamic is non-zero, alters the freeze status of the dynamic array object as follows:

  • If freezefl is true, the function sets frozen in strmode.

  • Otherwise, it clears frozen in strmode.

char* str();

Effects: Calls freeze(), then returns the beginning pointer for the input sequence, gbeg.

Remarks: The return value can be a null pointer.

int pcount() const;

Effects: If the next pointer for the output sequence, pnext, is a null pointer, returns zero. Otherwise, returns the current effective length of the array object as the next pointer minus the beginning pointer for the output sequence, pnext - pbeg.