24 Containers library [containers]

24.7 Views [views]

24.7.3 Multidimensional access [views.multidim] Overview [mdspan.overview]

A multidimensional index space is a Cartesian product of integer intervals.
Each interval can be represented by a half-open range , where and are the lower and upper bounds of the dimension.
The rank of a multidimensional index space is the number of intervals it represents.
The size of a multidimensional index space is the product of for each dimension i if its rank is greater than 0, and 1 otherwise.
An integer r is a rank index of an index space S if r is in the range .
A pack of integers idx is a multidimensional index in a multidimensional index space S (or representation thereof) if both of the following are true:
  • sizeof...(idx) is equal to the rank of S, and
  • for every rank index i of S, the value of idx is an integer in the interval of S.