31 Input/output library [input.output]

31.7 Formatting and manipulators [iostream.format]

31.7.5 Input streams [input.streams] Class template basic_iostream [iostreamclass] General [iostreamclass.general]

namespace std { template<class charT, class traits = char_traits<charT>> class basic_iostream : public basic_istream<charT, traits>, public basic_ostream<charT, traits> { public: using char_type = charT; using int_type = typename traits::int_type; using pos_type = typename traits::pos_type; using off_type = typename traits::off_type; using traits_type = traits; // [iostream.cons], constructor explicit basic_iostream(basic_streambuf<charT, traits>* sb); // [iostream.dest], destructor virtual ~basic_iostream(); protected: // [iostream.cons], constructor basic_iostream(const basic_iostream&) = delete; basic_iostream(basic_iostream&& rhs); // [iostream.assign], assignment and swap basic_iostream& operator=(const basic_iostream&) = delete; basic_iostream& operator=(basic_iostream&& rhs); void swap(basic_iostream& rhs); }; }
The class template basic_iostream inherits a number of functions that allow reading input and writing output to sequences controlled by a stream buffer. Constructors [iostream.cons]

explicit basic_iostream(basic_streambuf<charT, traits>* sb);
Effects: Initializes the base class subobjects with basic_istream<charT, traits>(sb) ([istream]) and basic_ostream<charT, traits>(sb).
Postconditions: rdbuf() == sb and gcount() == 0.
basic_iostream(basic_iostream&& rhs);
Effects: Move constructs from the rvalue rhs by constructing the basic_istream base class with std​::​move(rhs). Destructor [iostream.dest]

virtual ~basic_iostream();
Remarks: Does not perform any operations on rdbuf(). Assignment and swap [iostream.assign]

basic_iostream& operator=(basic_iostream&& rhs);
Effects: Equivalent to swap(rhs).
void swap(basic_iostream& rhs);
Effects: Calls basic_istream<charT, traits>​::​swap(rhs).