Annex C (informative) Compatibility [diff]

C.2 C++ and ISO C++ 2020 [diff.cpp20]

C.2.12 [containers]: containers library [diff.cpp20.containers]

Affected subclauses: [associative.reqmts] and [unord.req]
Change: Heterogeneous extract and erase overloads for associative containers.

Rationale: Improve efficiency of erasing elements from associative containers.

Effect on original feature: Valid C++ 2020 code may fail to compile in this revision of C++.
For example: struct B { auto operator<=>(const B&) const = default; }; struct D : private B { void f(std::set<B, std::less<>>& s) { s.erase(*this); // ill-formed; previously well-formed } };