Annex C (informative) Compatibility [diff]

C.2 C++ and ISO C++ 2020 [diff.cpp20]

C.2.8 [concepts]: concepts library [diff.cpp20.concepts]

Affected subclauses: [cmp.concept], [concept.equalitycomparable], and [concept.totallyordered]
Change: Replace common_reference_with in three_way_comparable_with, equality_comparable_with, and totally_ordered_with with an exposition-only concept.

Rationale: Allow uncopyable, but movable, types to model these concepts.

Effect on original feature: Valid C++ 2020 code relying on subsumption with common_reference_with may fail to compile in this revision of C++.
For example: template<class T, class U> requires equality_comparable_with<T, U> bool attempted_equals(const T&, const U& u); // previously selected overload template<class T, class U> requires common_reference_with<const remove_reference_t<T>&, const remove_reference_t<U>&> bool attempted_equals(const T& t, const U& u); // ambiguous overload; previously // rejected by partial ordering bool test(shared_ptr<int> p) { return attempted_equals(p, nullptr); // ill-formed; previously well-formed }