20 Memory management library [mem]

20.2 Memory [memory]

20.2.10 The default allocator [default.allocator] General [default.allocator.general]

All specializations of the default allocator meet the allocator completeness requirements ([allocator.requirements.completeness]).
namespace std { template<class T> class allocator { public: using value_type = T; using size_type = size_t; using difference_type = ptrdiff_t; using propagate_on_container_move_assignment = true_type; constexpr allocator() noexcept; constexpr allocator(const allocator&) noexcept; template<class U> constexpr allocator(const allocator<U>&) noexcept; constexpr ~allocator(); constexpr allocator& operator=(const allocator&) = default; [[nodiscard]] constexpr T* allocate(size_t n); [[nodiscard]] constexpr allocation_result<T*> allocate_at_least(size_t n); constexpr void deallocate(T* p, size_t n); }; }
allocator_traits<allocator<T>>​::​is_always_equal​::​value is true for any T.