17 Language support library [support]

17.13 Other runtime support [support.runtime]

17.13.4 Header <csignal> synopsis [csignal.syn]

namespace std { using sig_atomic_t = see below; // [support.signal], signal handlers extern "C" using signal-handler = void(int); // exposition only signal-handler* signal(int sig, signal-handler* func); int raise(int sig); } #define SIG_DFL see below #define SIG_ERR see below #define SIG_IGN see below #define SIGABRT see below #define SIGFPE see below #define SIGILL see below #define SIGINT see below #define SIGSEGV see below #define SIGTERM see below
The contents of the header <csignal> are the same as the C standard library header <signal.h>.